Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"We" and "Us"

You know I got called out yesterday for saying "we lost" when posting that Boncore won...
I guess the argument is that who is "we" is "we" Chinatown?
I'll tell you who we is. We is me writing my blog and telling the story from a first person narrative as someone in Diana Hwang's campaign. Oh but you can't do that. Oh but you don't represent all of Chinatown.

Duh I represent myself and part of Chinatown and one perspective out of a million.

My answer to include different perspectives is to get different people to contributors to the blog. It's funny to me that the person who called me out, writes for a lot of stuff around Chinatown, but basically said my blog was stupid, in nicer more measured, political words.

But I began to think about this We statement because who is my "we." Why did I even get involved in this campaign?

Well for me, the "We" was the three projects I've been talking about.

Castle Square, Mass Pike, and Tai Tung.

Was the "We" Chinatown? I guess in the beginning, but I ran into push back right away. Which is fine. I would like to find out why.. or if people want to write into the blog to post about their view.. they can do it anonymously too...I'd post it. Of course. Because that makes the story so much more interesting.

But that's not how it works. You know I have friends who are very political and I happen to notice that even though they are my friends and have helped me in life and I love them, there is a way they talk and think. If they want to write into my blog and represent that perspective, that would be awesome. But that is NOT how my posts are going to read.

And you will see real quick that a politician friend, tends to be a politician first.. they cannot help it. You can't blame them. Perhaps Whatever I am, artist, or writer/Sifu, that's what I am first even to my own sons. Actually that statement is absolutely true.

But at least I know it. A lot of these politicians I know, will even deny that they are politicians. It is not only the elected person that is the politician. That elected person only gets power from those under them.

So in this case, for this campaign, I was a politician in some sense, which is why people looked at me different.

And do I represent Chinatown?

I am reminded every time that I open my mouth in Chinese that of course.. I do not. Because depsite having grown up here, I am seen as an outsider.

Who is "We?"

Read the blog.

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