Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Volleyball (Noah's interest)

Noah has started taking Volleyball lessons from Jerell Perez of the Knights. Jerell is amazing with him. Noah picked up some of the basic moves and there is actually a lot of carry over from Kung Fu. One of the stances is like horse stance, your hitting something over and over, and the over hand move is a lot like a cup.

The difference of course is that Noah will at some point be able to use the moves in a sport, a game, that is social and non-violent.

As I watched Jerell teach I was thinking, "This is the next thing." I mean I know that Volleyball is big in Chinatown.. But it's not exactly big among the Wellesley and Lexington elite Asians. But it totally could be. Part of the practice was also verbal. Noah had to  call out, "I got it!" or "Mine!"

In other words Communication and team work are part of the game and part of the drills. Whenever I talk to the other moms who retired from the Corporate world they site some article or study that said that getting into that upper management club has more to do with having played a team sport in college, than which college you went to.

That would be a big selling point for Tiger Moms. And while Volleyball is huge in Chinatown, they start in high school. There is no equivalent of soccer and T-ball for volleyball. And the fact that you have an all Asian league to be part of when you grow up... that's something.

Now the all Asian league has it's purposes.. but for raising money, maybe you could start a mixed league too.. a splinter group. I'm not saying change the Asian League, but just have another, to promote 9 man... and well, to sell the lessons.

Am I getting ahead f myself? Of course... I don't even know how to play Volleyball so I could never actually do this (I could help out though) but I see a potential here. Maybe it's because I am an outsider.

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