Monday, April 18, 2016


A lot of kids who have an association with Chinatown will spend some time on the volleyball court and play with a team lik eth Knights or the Hurricanes. I actually was not part of this culture. I mean when I was a small child at Red Oak some cool teenage girls showed me how to bump a volleyball back and forth at Mass Pike while I was on the playground.

But when all my friends joined these teams, i.e. highschool, I went off to Groton. At one point, while visiting Josiah Quincy I remember walking into the gym. I was wearing a collared shirt and Kakhi pants, the dress code of a prep school Groton student (I mean I wouldn't have TWO wardrobes) and it was that feeling in a western when a stranger walks into the saloon and everyone turns to look at you. Except I was visiting friends.

It wasn't all young men. Mixed in with the testosterone were hot girls in short shorts who I recognized from when we both when to Quincy School or Red Oak or maybe even Acorn.

And then there were the friends I hadn't lost touch with.

"What's up Adam" they said as we gave dap (something done back then. What was it the 90's I notriced all the youngun's now just shake hands like proper gentlemen, at least in the Latin Quarter) "What the hell are you wearing?"

They were doing drills or something. And they asked if I wanted to join. I ran up to spike the ball and I think I missed the ball completely and went face first into the net.

"Uhhh maybe you should just sit this out" laughed my friend.

Well I wasn't really part of this culture, but Noah seems interested. But I'll talk about that in a future post.

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