Monday, April 11, 2016

Tuesday Election! Do you know where to vote?

Adam Cheung The Election is tomorrow Tuesday April 12. If you are in Tai Tung you vote at 38 Oak street, same place where you vote for Presidential elections. Castle Square residents vote at Franklin Institute
41 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116 If you live at Mass Pike it's on eof those two. It's wherever you vote for Presidential elections. This election is for Local State Senate. Diana has a big chance because there are 8 other candidates. But even if Diana wasn't running, this election would matter because it is local and your vote counts more. Nobody is a shoe in here. And I think that it is important, when you have a qualified young candidate like Diana Hwang that you know that she exists, and that she can win, if you help turn out with a vote

Some lesser known fact about Diana Hwang: She started that petition to keep T service running late. That's something she has done before she has even been elected. She is young, but she has experience, was aide to Debbie Blumer (state rep.) and ran that office by herself for 6months when Debbie tragically passed away of a heart attack. Debbie Blumer was one of the original authors of the affordable care act.
Diana has the endorsement of State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry (Shehosted the St. Patty's day breakfast and was the first woman and first black person (afro-american of Haitian decent to be specific) to do so), She has the endorsement of State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz. So if she wins, she already has support to get things done. She has the endorsement of Ayanna Pressley. In other words she is qualified. But she is also young and has new energy. She is also the daughter of immigrants and Asian American. It is not every election, that a candidate with all these characteristics exists, or has a good chance of winning. I encourage you to consider a vote for her in the election tomorrow on April 12. It's not an election that everyone knows about. Please don't let it pass because you thought it wasn't worth your time paying attention to it

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