Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Taking the T

Okay so if you live in Chinatown, I guess you wouldn't have to take the T into Chinatown. Well actually that's not true. At one point I lived in Chinatown and took the T to Dorchester to work for a a short period of time. But Today, I felt like it was too cold to bike, even though I have biked in colder weather. And you know what? I should have ridden my bike. I forgot how much the T sucks. It's not that it is bad bit once you get used to not having to be cramped up next to people who are all unhappy to be going to work, and delays and what not, well it's hard to go back to it.
But man, no wonder people who are rich would want to live n Chinatown. Because driving sucks even worse than the T and then parking is even worse than that. But if you work in the Financial district and you have the money, you could live any place in Chinatown, and just walk to work. Groceries? Chinese are the best when it comes to fresh produce at a cheap price. Restaurants and night life? Chinatown, Chinatown, and Chinatown again is simply the best neighborhood for this. Okay to see a play you go to the Theater district... right next to Chinatown.

So of course it attracted attention. And since now Whole Foods comes in and people don't necessarily want to go to the same Chinese grocery stores... or that land is more valuable as a tower of Condos (like where 88 was) shoot, of course it's only a matter of time....

But back to me.

I too the T in and did my Kung Fu class for preschoolers. The kids are so happy to see me and always want to give me hugs afterwards. Which is cute... but I just gve them hugs back not to hurt their feelings. Because I understand that probably if I just left that would be a rejection. But I have never been a big hugger ever since I started Kung Fu. Of course I hold my own kids all the time, but that's MY children. I feel like there is a difference between the Sifu relationship and the Baba relationship even the the Sifu is a Kung Fu Baba. I mean watch Kung Fu Panda. Po tries to hug Shifu and Shifu usually slips out of it.

After that I got my Gon cha ngau hau from Chinatown Cafe (beef chow foon) and some baos which I will take over to the kids for snack after school.

What happened to my Street sweeping? Well I stopped until the election is over because my plan was to go door knocking the in the various projects. But I ran into a few Barriers from the campaign and from the the projects as well. I was still going to do it if I had the literature to hand out... but.. well.. I don't. So I'm not. I hope someone is though, as it is the smart thing to do... and not just the super voters.. everyone. I think after this election I will still be on this.. to organize something in Castle Court. Castle Square is kind of like my herng ha, and having gone back a few times I know longer get strange I was forced, perhaps even tricked.. out of that  some weird feelings,  but I think it will be good for me to go back there more often.

I didn't do grocery shopping but I totally could have. Everything in Chinatown is doable within 15 minutes to an hour and then I rode back into JP to give Grace her lunch. A little Chinatown adventure.

Now In the Summer I will HAVE to ride the T because I will have the children with me.
(4 children actually... more on that... or maybe I'll save it for a book, "Kung Fu and Parenting part 2")

So I have to figure how that is going to work. These will be small kids, so walking down to Stony and getting on a crowded subway? not fun. But I think it is good. It will break up the monotony of just being in JP all the time. We will do Culturally Chinese things. etc. It also means though that when I do start the Street Sweeping again in May... I will have to again stop. I'm not bringing the children anywhere near a place where there is the potential for a heroin needle to be found.

Which means we will probably be playing at the brand new playground near the Unitarian Church building (now something else... actually heard a Kung Fu school is in there now)

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