Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Joe Boncore is the new State Senator

Well I saw a post on Facebook that told me that Joe Boncore is the new State Senator. I don't know how this was determined. But basically Diana Hwang lost, and as it would turn out, the winner was the one backed by Oak Tin people. Now Chinatown is not the only part of this district, so now it would be very interesting to find out why they backed Boncore over Diana.
Boncore was given high ratings by the CPA as well.

But why did I want Diana to win so bad?

I guess my main thing was that it would shake things up in Chinatown. If a young woman can win in such a powerful position, then Chinatown organizations would look at their own young women and youth in  general in a different way. Will Boncore do a good job? I'm sure he will do as good a job as any politician.

Would Diana have been better?

I wouldn't have door knocked for her and ran around in the rain if I didn't think so but what do I know.

But as a blogger, there is a continuing story here.

Would be cool to get an interview with him...

Would he do an interview on camera with Diana in Chinatown ? That would be even more interesting.

Am I disappointed?

I want to see the results first to see how much was won. Basically I will only be disappointed if Diana lost BECAUSE of a lack of support from Chinatown.. or worse.. a lack of turn out among Asian voters. That would be worse than if they voted for someone else.

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