Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stepping out

I'm making an announcement, and that is that I am officially no longer a part of Woo Ching White Crane or the Kung Fu Federation etc. What does that mean? Does it mean that I am enemies with my Sifu's son's school? No. Am I no longer my Sifu's student? No. So what does it mean?

Jing and I remain friends and my school, which is a collection of places that I teach at, will remain allies to Woo Ching White Crane. But allies doesn't mean we are the same organization. Are Australia and America the same country? No. Do you think China could invade Australia without the U.S. doing anything about it? No. But does Australia ask permission from America to issue a statement?

So when did this development occur? I will tell you it was actually a gradual thing. First of all, the school had shut down, and then a space opened up in the CCBA. I had advocated for the shut down of the school many times, even when it was still in Tai Tung? If you know me you may wonder why I would do something like that. To me Shutting down and brick and mortar location is not the same as shutting down your name and your existence.

But anyway, the school shut down, and then quickly relocated, so it looked as if it had just moved.

Later on after I had kids, I stopped coming to the school except to stop by and say hi. But people just didn't realize this since I was still working with them. But if you looked at my Linked In, you would see that I had already started my own thing back then, Six years ago, Cheung Family Kung Fu. Not only that. But I had already started teaching differently and playing around with different styles of teaching.

You would think that a development in Kung Fu could only come at the top. Like you reached the next level and then added a new form. My developments actually all came at the bottom. I have created several pre-systems. I call them systems because I believe they can stand on their own as martial pursuits. I created them for young children, but I realized I could teach adults in the same manner as well.

I bought shirts, I thought of names, I had Wing Sung Bak Hok, which is my name and then White Crane. It was a child system of the parent, Woo Ching White Crane. Is it related? Yes. But is it the same in terms of appearance? No. Not only that, I do not go under orders of Woo Ching White Crane. I am my own group, (even though it's just me and some students or whatever) Do I work with them? Yes. But am I a part of them? Now, officially no.

Some of it is because of my blog. Not even this one actually, It started with a post about Pushing Hands on my Kung Fu dad blog. What happened. I blogged about something Sifu said about the philosophy. I got calls from people about it. And actually I was pretty and that I got those calls. They wanted the post taken down. And frankly, I didn't see why I should.

Before when I was 15 yes. I just did what I was told. Now? Whereas I wouldn't go directly against my own, I would also not just follow whatever was said. In the end, after talking with my Sifu, I left it up, and then even though nothing was ever said, people stopped bowing to me, stopped calling me Sifu, started just referring to me as Jing's friend, and frankly started talking behind my back as well. I got wind of it. It's fine. But it happened.

At another point I also advocated for the Shut Down of the School because Jing felt like he didn't want to deal with the stress anymore. But others stood up and said they would take responsibility for the rent etc. I had done my time for that. And I had given all that I could give. More than I could give, and I had come to reject the whole Yi Hei Philosophy. (though it is still a part of me)

So when there was a shuffling and restructuring of the organization, I was not even listed as any title. De Facto I was already out and considered just a visitor. I no longer had a key. Nobody said it straight out. But I was out.

Now that I am blogging more openly, I got a phone call like someone was going to have a heart attack over my political rant. And I reiterated that A) I don't take orders and B) I have no title at the school. So I am technically not even a part of the school. But the thing is people still assume that I am, so when I do something, it comes back to Jing. I have heard announcements of people getting ousted from various organizations. Here is my announcement of separation. You may then wonder why, after being ousted, that you will still see me visiting the school or doing lion dance with them.

Like I said, just because your kids move out and buy a house and start a new family, doesn't mean they aren't your kids. It also doesn't mean that they are part of your household any longer.

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