Spears " I think I found my calling"

Today was the last day of my First Baptist Church class. My friends (and students) got me a gift. A 1940's antique police night stick. (It's actually just the right size for the dan do form aka Mo ching do.) I put it up on my altar (my altar is a fusion altar more on that later)

What I wanted to blog about was that, on a whim, I decided last week that the final class I would teach Dai Do cherng

Kristen took hold of the spear (we only learned sticks) and something clicked. I mean everyone's basics have been getting better and better. But she was just able to do the moves right away.

I forgot about how invigorating it can be to do this stuff. I had fun watching them have fun.

So above is an old clip of me and one of my Si Hing's doing the double sword and spear form. The Big knife and sword has to be somewhere but, hey I just didn't find it.

Kristen and Vinh are excited to learn this form and maybe even perform for August moon. Will it look like the form above? Well we had trained for 10 years prior to practicing this, and we practiced a lot. But yes,  they will look something like that sure. At least based on what I saw tonight. Why? Because they work as a team and they are having fun. They will be performing the same form, but in their own way and own tempo, which I look forward to watching.

 I had forgotten that Kung Fu isn't all about the performance. It's about the doing it. How much fun you can have actually performing the Kung Fu. And when you are having fun, the people watching can tell and they are there cheering for you. I liked watching them do the form and I know Kung Fu, I know the secret tricks... I mean I just showed them to them. So the average audience member should like it too.


Kristen said…
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!