Sunday, March 20, 2016

A question about the MBTA to the candidates for senate

You know watching this, the first thing I think of is that Trump has certainly made politics more entertaining, and looking at how forums and debates used to be.. man am I bored.

Some people say it is ridiculous (Trump) and I thought so too, at first, but really it is using non political language, business language, to explain politics. Political scripts (I know about them because I did some calls with them) they all have the same language. I mean basically, all these candidates will answer the question the same way.

I will say one way Diana stands out here is that she started the petition to keep late night service. Now you can say, "Oh this is just posturing or whatever." But look, she isn't even elected yet and she has already DONE something, not just talked about it, to get the MBTA late night service back. You could say, well anyone could have started that petition (Okay but they didn't) and that she is just starting it to get votes and support. Yeah , that's the point though isn't it. They get their power from us. But once we give them that power what will they DO with it. To tell the truth, it is that petition that got me involved in the campaign. I signed that thing and I signed up to volunteer because I saw that there were things that we were aligned on ideologically.

It was a smart move and something other than just giving speeches about it.

I mean I was playing this small segment in the background of mostly men rambling on and on (the same types saying the same things) and Grace was like, "Uhh can you turn that off? It's really annoying."

But the petition is relevant and actually says something.

This whole forum is a show. A show that needs to be put on... but honestly If I had run it? I would have kicked the thing off with Lion Dance and lui Gu. And I wouldn't have had a table. I would have made the candidates do weird stuff and challenges to test them under stress. Like answer my questions while I throw stuff at you. You can say that is just for the entertainment factor, but that's how you see  person's real character. The Greeks made people debate while standing on one foot.

And I will tell you something else about Diana, she past one of my weird tests. She said she grew up working class but anyone can say that, and some of my friends that grew up in the ghetto were still coddled by their parents because they were boys.

But I know she really did grow up working class and I will tell you how.

I had lunch with her and at the end I left a part of a roll up sandwich on my plate. (One of those Taiwanese Scallion pancake roll ups)

She wasn't hungry, in fact she said I could have the rest of the roll up, but the second I put it down she was like, but she was like, "Uhh, you're not going to leave that right? You should take that with you."

There was no question or mic or panel. So that is real Diana in real life.

I don't care what party you are from Republican or Democrat or where you have made in life. But there are people who waste food, and there are people who do not want to waste food because they value it. And then there are people who waste food by a) tossing it or b) overeating

If you will waste food at lunch, don't you think you may waste money as a person in power?

Then there are those that are greedy and over eat.

And isn't this something that directly relates to OUR MBTA problems?

Diana is someone who will not waste food, but at the same time not take more than her fill. She will allocate funds to those who need it appropriately.

And now I sound like a politician. But in simple language it is as basic as making sure the sandwich isn't just left on the plate to be thrown out.

Actions speak louder than words spoken on a stage when questions are asked.

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