Thursday, March 17, 2016

Boston Public Schools Walk Out in the eyes of Jennie C.

I met someone who was a part of the Boston Public Schools Walk Out so I asked her a few questions to see if I could write up something about the event. She attends Boston Latin Academy, BLA; her name is Jennie Chang. I asked her if she knew middle school aged students that attended the event and she said that she overheard a bunch of them talking about the event on a public bus upon leaving. Jennie said that she went "because I care about my education and future." She went with many classmates from BLA but she knows that many other schools went too, such as BCLA, Brighton High, O'Bryant, and the Quincy Upper School. When I asked her how she liked the event, she answered, "Overall, I liked it but at the end, it got kind of chaotic and it got out of hand." The event itself was a rally and they had speakers too. But I am sure that she is proud of the hundreds, if not thousands of students that showed up to the rally and last but not least, she heard on the radio that they're not doing some of the budget cuts! I'm happy that was the result :3.

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  1. Great Post! So their not doing some of the budget cuts to the Upper schools... but they ARE cutting from the elementary schools. They didn't mention that but I know because my kids are in K1 and K2, and Tommy Chang was sent out in the hot seat to be a patsy and explain to the parents why this is happening. The Mommies on JP's playgrounds are grinding their teeth at Marty. I really like Marty Walsh... I have a nice little picture of him with my boys...but there is some explaining to do here. We need more posts on this subject. Thanks HeunXiao Hongston!