Friday, March 4, 2016

Adventures with Mandy Chan: Non-human

Is this a continuation of the discussion we had about jumping off buildings. Again, this was in Chinese that I heard it, and I am translating it into English after hearing it a couple days ago.

If you don't know who Mandy is, here is a link to his bio. 

"Look," said Mandy, "When I jump off, I can do it, no problem. I just stand at the edge and then, bum, jump that's it. But some people, they say you have to DIVE out too. Ngau mm duc ah. No I can't do it. They have to jump out through broken glass." Mandy made a motion as if he were swimming through the air. "No, no no no no."

"There is one guy, Mainland China guy, his nickname is non human. You know who gave him that nickname? Jackie Chan's stunt team, those guys, THEY called him non human. He had to dive out and fall onto the awning, but he jumped passed it so he turned around... in MID air, and grabbed the awning. A piece of glass cut his ear right here, "Mandy showed me on his ear and then went over to my ear to show me where it was cut with his finger, "guurt. Bleeding. I took him to the hospital. They just stitched him up and he just sat there with out any anesthesia or anything. He can just sit here like that."

"He's from one of those acrobatic teams in Mainland China, he's been doing this since he was a baby. How can the How Kong people be like him? You need him to roll down a flight of stairs on a banister? He'll do it, No problem. MMM sai warm up la. No need. Boom, he'll do it for you. A lot of things normal people, not even normal people, stunt men in Hong Kong, they can't do it. He can do it. No problem. Now you understand why they call him non human right?"

"Some of these guys they get into an accident... well one time this guy had glass fall onto him, cut his whole leg up.. right here.... he fainted immediately, then I grabbed him," At this point I can't quite make out what happened. It seems like the stuntman may have almost fell off a building and Mandy grabbed him with his legs hooking around his head to save him. But I'm not sure... but I didn't want to interupt the flow of conversation.

"We went to the hospital.. and he doesn't think, Oh my god why did this happen to me... He is just trying to figure out HOW this happened to him. These guys are like that. They don't get scared. They just get curious. How did that happen."

There are more stories and adventures to come with Mandy. In fact we are looking to set up a place where he can teach his art of movie making stunt choreography etc.

The next post about Mandy should maybe deal with the class and what he will teach.

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