Saturday, February 6, 2016

Taiwan Cafe Takeout Tuun Nian fahn

The lines for the live poultry places  down the street. But Grace really had a taste for Taiwan Cafe. Not only for Tuun Nian Fahn, but also for her Birthday. Actually Taiwan Cafe was not that crowded. 

In general I had had hit or miss experience. Bu Grace, being Taiwanese American, really did know how to order. For full disclosure I am 100% no Taiwanese. (I think) But I've always loved Taiwanese. stuff. Maybe it was because it was drilled into me a Kwong Kow (we sang the ROC national anthem at graduations) and in general they sort of seemed to be more cultured in terms of songs, etc. But it's kinf of fun to play this game where I can step into the shoes of how others probably see me. I mean, I am a white guy, buying Taiwanese food for New Year. I ordered in English and at the end, the said "Happy New Year" to me, in English, because they could tell that was why I was ordering such a big meal, and also that I am probably ordering for a Taiwanese significant other. I mean the culture is close, There's Kwan Gung over there at the altar. It all feels familiar, but different. I looked at their painting of a Taiwanese night market hat looked like it was from a photo taken in the 90's. I happened to take a trip there with the Kwong Kow dulcimer group at that time. 

So I'm no Taiwanese. But I guess my kids are. It's really too bad about that earthquake. It doesn't look like the death toll is too high. Rough thing to happen right before New Years.

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