Friday, February 12, 2016

Should the Chinese New Year Parade be postponed?

Sunday is going to be cold. Not just uncomfortably cold, but dangerously cold.
Now I am not going to personally have a problem with this. Why? Because I am going to be wearing boots and sweaters and gloves.

Grace mentioned that it should be postponed and my knee jerk reaction was, "Anyone at anytime can stop watching the performance or stop performing to go into a restaurant and warm up."

In fact I thought that would be good for the Chinatown economy.

But Grace mentioned that there were going to be a lot of families and young children (yes including my oldest son) and they might get frostbite.

My response was,

"That's why originally Lion Dance was for Strong Men."

I guess I should modify that to strong adults for my GK sisters. But the point is it's not really for little kids to parade 6 hours. But defacto there will be kids there, and where as I will be watching my son, and then will be removing him from the parade (something I only do because Grace made me.. and for good reason... i.e. my judgement is not so great in these instances and I often allow Noah to be pushed too hard)

There are kids who are maybe thrown in our group. "Oh yeah go with them they are from the same ancestral village." and guess what, we aren't baby sitters. That's not safe when it's normal cold outside. On Sunday it's going to be abnormally cold.

So even though initially I was like ,"whatever" to Grace, after hearing that with windchill it will feel like negative 15-negative 35 degrees.. I am beginning to think she has a good point. But the teams won't quit. The City will have to say "hey guys let's do this next week instead."

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