Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rangila Rythyms

Rangila Rythyms also performed at this Northeastern event.  I've been noticing a coming together in recent years of the East Asian and er.. more Western South Asian groups to celebrate Chinese New Year or Asian Night, or August Moon which is cool to me, especially since I happen to like Bollywood music (though the songs I listened to were from the 90's...

I think because of Tufts you will see a lot more South Asians (feel free to correct me if I am using incorrect terminology) and Koreans walking around Chinatown on any given day. I think someone brought it to my attention that a lot of the people gentrifying Chinatown... are still Asian.
Of course this event isn't in Chinatown, it's down the street at Northeastern but still we're all connected.

(here's a picture of their T shirt, mainly because when I shared this on Facebook the picture of me and my dad showed up, which often doesn't match the title... but in this case even more so.)

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