Kung Fu Dad: Community Relations

Kung Fu Dad: Community Relations: Everyone had been talking about Beyonce this and Black Panthers that. I have friends that are on both sides of this conversation. I have fri...

This link only really relates to Chinatown in the way that I am trying to do stuff with Kung Fu all over Boston.. including Chinatown. I have reached out to schools Task forces, churches and police stations. I only got a few hits back so far and that was First Baptist Church and now JQS. In Chinatown, the groups that I would like to bring together through Kung Fu would not so much be Police and the community (frankly I don't think there is a disconnect there because Crime Watch was what finihsed what was left of that bridge to build. Culturally the Chinese have been much more tactful about how to approach these political matters. I mark it down to the 36 strategies.)

The groups I would like to build bridges between would actually be elderly, youth, and people who live in Chinatown but are seen as "gentrifiers." This is where the biggest disconnect or mistrust or standoff-ishness is. It's not antagonistic...but there is something there that would be well to smooth out. Put the groups together in the same Kung Fu class and you've done something small that can lead to something big.