Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stories:Lion Dance: Old School Hong Kong Heights

Last year Lion Dancing season was also ice dams season. One of my Dad's friends showed me a video of him clearing off his own roof. This is something I would never do. In fact even though I have done lion dance on stilts, I am scared of heights. Which isn't that contradictory because stilts aren't that far off the ground.

"You know in Hong Kong I used to do the Lion Dance. When we stand on each other for those big chiang we would stand up taller, not just two at a time but three at a time. I was very light, not like now, so I was always the top. I would just run up those two guys, you know, and stand on the top of them with the head and take the chiang. That was my job, that's all I did."

But actually standing on top of two other guys was not that tall.

"I was in the Navy too and one time" Okay I forget the reason why this was being done. But he ran up the mast to grab something for some reason, "It didn't take me long I just bebebum right up to the top. My" (supervisor? I forget the exact term) "I scared him, you know, he told me don't ever do that again. But for me it was nothing. No big deal."

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