Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ho Lun Doong

I didn't really want to do street sweeping today. And it so happened as I walked over to Tai Tung I saw Tong How Jerng and the crew walking towards me.
(In Chinese)
"Are we doing this?"

"I was about to ask you.... look I think we just have to make a rule that if it's below 20 degrees we aren't coming out here. Because especially us, we need to take care of our bodies." Tong Hong Jerng said.

Tong How Jerng and her crew are older than almost all of my relatives, with the exception maybe of my Aunt Dotsy, but still I'm not sure. In any case she is definitely in the know on longevity and I was so glad to hear her say that we shouldn't do this today.

"Also the street isn't that dirty, probably it's so cold that nobody wants to dump cigarettes because they don't want to go outside to smoke.

It was cleaner than last week. I think there was just the issue of street sweeping (the city one with the big machine) having stopped over the Holiday or something.

"I don't want to do it either" I said, and they went back inside while I checked in with the Tai Tung Office.

I rode my bike back to JP. Riding in the wind was at my back. Riding back the wind almost blew me over once and most of the time was a head wind. When I got back home I had the feeling that I had a knew understanding of Ho Lun Dong. I'm not saying I literally froze my dick off, but I think I was getting there to the point where it wasn't just an expression. I was wearing Jogging pants because with all that pedaling I was actually sweating and most of my body was quite warm.

I've heard people say they are freezing their balls off. I've felt that when going into the ocean I guess. But this was something different.

I felt stupid for having taken my snow pants off this morning because I felt too hot.

I took a hot shower to try and get some blood flow and I thought of when yesterday, while eating at the 3 meals and a soup place in that back alley across from Jia Ho I had seen a guy walk in with a kilt. (more on that next post)

Well kilts are great for him but for me it's going to be snow pants from now on.

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