Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gift Cards for a good cause?

I was at a JP birthday talking to JP moms about raising money for the local school etc. and the subject of the conversation bounced around between the Superbowl, my upcoming interview with Bob Halloran, and my Blog about Chinatown in General.

"Hey do you think some restaurants in Chinatown would donate gift cards for our school's fundraiser?"

Immediately I didn't want to do it. Or at least I didn't want to be the one asking. Why?
First of all I've never been that good at that sort of thing.

Now businesses give these sort of gift cards or coupons out all the time. They are often the prizes that are raffled off at the Kung Fu Federation Banquet, and I'm sure they are at other banquets as well.
I felt like if I was asking for them to donate to something at a school in Chinatown, or a school where there was a significant amount of Chinese people that would be better. But I just felt like, "Why should they donate to something that has nothing to do with them or their kids and our JP school is already really good." I just imagined losing a lot of friends.

"No, they might want to do it because they would be getting people to come to their business who normally wouldn't. I mean people from JP go down to Chinatown.... I mean sometimes people don't even use them, but they help raise money for the school anyway."

I guess it's kind of like Groupon.. I don't know anything about owning a restaurant.... is this legitimately a good idea? I mean for the owner.

I asked around and someone told me it might be good to ask the newer restaurants because they might be more willing to try something like that. I mean if you're already established and doing well why do you need that sort of promotion right?

Well if anyone is interested and owns a business, let me know. Also if you think this is a good idea or a stupid idea let me know too. I'd like some feedback before I go make a fool of myself.

I guess a Kung Fu gift card might be good too. But I totally know my school will not go for something like that, even if it did help business... for the reason that my Si Hing does not consider the Moh Goon a business. (for better or worse)

 But other schools might think it is a good idea.

I guess I'm just tossing the idea out there for now.. ...

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