Monday, January 18, 2016

An idea for Martin Luther King Day in Chinatown

I'm watching the movie Selma. Why am I blogging during this? Well it's intense. But it also gives me an idea for what Chinatown can do for MLK day... perhaps next year.
Now 2 Boylston Street, the home of Chinatown Main Street, the Chinese Historical Society, and Gund Kwok would be a good place to have a movie screening.

Chinatown actually has quite a number of African American residents, or African American people who are involved in Chinatown activities. A good number of them speak some Chinese. Now wouldn't it be cool to have a little movie screening with free food. The movie should be Selma. Maybe you get a version that has Chinese subtitles. The free food, well it could be Chinese food. It could be a mix of catering and potluck. But wouldn't this be cool. But traditional Chinese food and African American food (soul food) that have similarities together. That would be a subtle way of showing the similarities.

Plus you don't market it like it's a political meeting. Market it like a party. Which means, no stupid speeches. Just get people together and eat hang out, and then show the movie.

Whose the target? Wouldn't it be great to get a good portion of the African American members of Chinatown in there with all the Pau Paus? Maybe there could be some door knocking to let people know about the movie. Or maybe you just hand out the flyers, but it would be good if its not just an academic thing. You want a good portion of people who wouldn't normally watch this movie in there.

Also to kick it off, you have Lion Dance and drumming outside, flags and and all that. It's a party. But then when you see the movie, and some of those powerful scenes... BAM! it will have an impact on hearts and minds. Now the CPA would love something like this. But I really think you need to get everyone on board. The gesture of such a movie screening would really mean a lot I think. It really could.

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