Tai Tung on Harrison Ave: May's Cake House

This weekend we went to May's Cake house. I couldn't believe it, It was like it had never closed. Same workers, same customers I bumped into.
"Where are your kids going to school now over here? Oh over where you are."
"How about you?"
"We're over in Brighton where we live."

Same, We all assume that the other lives in Chinatown. But actually none of us live in Chinatown, somehow we all just end up gathering here.

I looked for a Bak Tong Gao but didn't see one. I had a craving for that sticky glutinous rice. But I did see a Siu Beng. A pancake like Mochi with red bean filling. Actually these are one of the things I always like about May's because they have the kind with the red bean filling and the kind with the lotus paste, plus it is one of the treats that they will actually stick into a little plastic bag. I'm not sure why that turns me on, but somehow it just looks nicer and flatter, even though the plastic just goes in the trash and is bad for the environment.

I didn't bring the kids in, I just chose for them because they stayed in the car with their mother. This street you can still pull that double parking hopping out craziness if you have two adults and work in concert.

Hot Dog Bao and Hong Dao Bao. A Dahn Taht. And my Siu beng. That was it and we were out.

As I walked out I looked at this little micro- neighborhood of Chinatown. Bakery, Pharmacy, Restaurant, Church, Wholesale restaurant supply (and when I had been here Kung Fu school.) If you were in one of the those Wild West Towns in the old Cowboy movies, I guess all it was missing was a Saloon.

I thought, "Why didn't I ever go to that Church when I lived here?" I guess because the Moh Goon was my Church and I was meditating and practicing Kung Fu all the time and that sufficed for my Spiritual needs.

I think I'm going to spend more time writing a bout this little block. Especially since I spent so much time here. And maybe I should write a little bit about the Kung Fu school and what it was to the neighborhood of Tai Tung. It still exists, it just moved to the CCBA building. But I think there is a huge difference in how it interacted with the community when it was right there on the first floor and the playground was right outside.