Kung Fu Dad: Showa Festival

On Sunday I went to the Showa Festival.

Kung Fu Dad: Showa Festival: Sunday was the Showa festival.  Today is Pearl Harbor remembrance day... so I considered not posting this today. However, I think it is i...

I'm always inspired by what the students can do with paper. The Chinatown Festivals have the real thing in terms of food, and Lion Dances, etc. But it would be kind of cool to partner with a few schools, High school, middle school, churches, whatever, and have more stuff like what is at the Showa festival. Educational, fun for kids, that type of thing. Maybe even the Community organizations like CPA or CCBA, or the Chinese Freemasons. There is a lot of history to Chinatown. There should be a place to talk about it in a festive way while simultaneously bringing attention to certain issues.