Article in Sampan

My article made the cut for this Sampan Edition. Some people have commented that my blog rambles. I will admit that when someone edits my stuff, it's a lot less rambling. This week for the sweep up I got a video on go pro... I even edited it. Then I exported it. And once I figure out what that means and how I can get it onto this blog, you can see a little video of us sweeping the street. As I right this, I realize that I edited out an argument over a parking spot... and that most people would probably be more interested in that clip I took out, than the rest of video.

By the way, I could really use some other contributors or write-ins to this blog. It would be awesome if we had different personalities and viewpoints. Even if they were anonymous. Obviously there are a lot of people who are way better at making videos and taking pictures than me, and that would be cool too.


bluejeans914 said…
If you have a youtube or a vimeo account, you can always upload the video there and then link it or embed it the blog. Also, I would be happy to contribute!