Saturday, November 28, 2015

The CCBA Library is freakin Awesome

We stopped by Moh Goon and nobody was there, so I just made Shao do his sup ji and stick forms in the hallway, and started him on his new form. Since it was raining outside I couldn't bring him to the dinosaur park (the one I clean on Wednesdays) so instead we checked out the Library on the CCBA's first floor. (notice how everything I do for the Chinatown community somehow helps me directly. But that just means more people have to help themselves by helping the community) The children's section got a lot bigger and better and there is even a cataloging system. But personally I'm not interested in taking books out, just reading them to Noah to pass the time. We read Captain Underpants quietly while too old Chinese men read newspapers.

What a great thing to have on a rainy day. I know you can access anything via internet if you live in Tai Tung, and it's pretty easy to get to the Central Branch Library. But say you're kind of trapped on a rainy day after Yum cha or something or you want a change of scenery, CCBA's library is a great place to go.

I really have to start a story time there or something. (or someone should. Preferably someone who can read English and Chinese) I mean, wouldn't it even be cool to have one of those Jin Yong aka Louis Cha,  Kung Fu novels read to you in Chinese?

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