Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tai Tung Park Progress!

Here is a post I did about Tai Tung Park that I did before I even  started the #Chinatown Blog.
 Since that time I have  started this blog become a member of the AACA clean up Chinatown Committee.
From that I did two street sweepings. My posts about those posts here and here.

I met with Mary Chin, who leads the Clean and she showed me and e-mail on some things the city has agreed to do with this park.

1    lights shining onto the park
2    moving the signs regarding appropriate use closer to the front of the park's entrances
3    locking the park at night
4    professionally cleaning the park Tues and Fri mornings
5    power washing with disinfectant regularly

That's Amazing!
Look what a difference can be made! Government, Community organizations, and the people can work together to change things for the better.

If  you look at the above picture and it looks fine,  (I took the pic after a sweeping.) But even standing at the gate it will smell of feces or garbage or some sort of decomposition.

This is a public park for little children. For day cares! As I mentioned before, it's not the structures that are the problem. The problem is that it becomes unusable for children. This should be a meeting  place for parents and children to gather and play and talk safely.

To highlight the importance of this and other parks in Chinatown, let's look at some Jamaica Plain Parks.
Let's take the #TotLot as an example. (The article I linked to highlights all the playgrounds in JP) The Tot lot started off as an asphalt lot with discarded toys before it became what it is. But there are things that grew out of it other than a nice playground. #JPmoms started there when a few mothers who met at the tot lot started a way to keep in touch with each other. (The article I linked to sort of paints JPmoms in a bad light. But that's not the point. The point is, the group is powerful)

Chinatown could have a little online group that is just as powerful. Chinatown DOES have community groups that are pretty powerful. And individuals can easily get involved to pick a small part of Chinatown and make a difference. A bunch of little differences make a big difference.

(Speaking of making a difference, Go vote Today if you haven't already.)

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