Thursday, November 12, 2015

Housing applications

I saw some commotion over by the Santander (old Shawmut) and took a picture and asked some questions. This line is for housing applications on the New Oxford place Ping On street. Apparently the building should be up in spring. I think the applications are until December? Not sure. 
It reminded me of housing for college at Stonehill, and all the students were like "Why can't we do this online?" But in this case, a lot of the people applying might not have access to the internet right? 

I think this is the place. Right near Chau Chau city. I remember doing hurdles/leapfrog-jumps over these red pillar things when I was a kid. My mom said I was going to minimize my chance of being able to have children. I forget exactly how she phrased it but she was concerned. 

It's across from this park, which is Oxford place right?

Oxford Ping On affordable Housing. That's what the sign says.

This is a picture of the roner from the other side. 

And here is a view from this corner. I'll try to find out more. 

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