Monday, November 9, 2015

Great Taste Restaurant and Bakery

We went out to Chinatown for my birthday, and I figured we might as well do a little Restaurant review too.
Here's Shao enjoying a return to his element. Seriously this kid is pretty at home at night in Chinatown. One time when he was three he tried to run away from me and disappear into the Chinatown landscape like some version of a Disney movie where the animal is set free in the jungle, ocean, or plains. This place is like his playground. 

Great Taste was the Destination.

It's that close to the Chinatown gate. 

We walked in and the dinner crowd was very quiet. I mean there was a lot of people. but where was the clash of tea cups and "ew ke ma ga hai"ing? I kind of felt out of place. A lot of the customers were non Chinese and northern Chinese. Is it just that people who eat dinner at a normal hour tend to be more reserved? Probably. It was nice. I like noise because then I don't feel bad when my kids are loud. But the quiet was nice too. 
I wasn't sure what these things were. They looked like they could be for hanging up your coat. But then again they also looked like they could be some sort of modern art. I just kept my jacket on. 

Dai Dai was just waking up. He had slept in the car and on my shoulders. It took some time to adjust. By the way, traffic was so bad that we almost just got take out and went home. Then when Grace tried to park a the guy came right up behind and didn't let her. Luckily there was another spot and I got out of the car to makes sure the car behind new not to come up. The spot was tight. But people were driving crazy. We forgot what weekend Chinatown Traffic can be like. Some people seemed to be in a real rush and were beeping like crazy as if they were not used to the idea of stopping for people who were crossing the road. I did see a lot of New Hampshire and even Pennsylvania license plates. Not sure why. 
This was pea pod stems "dao mieu" and fish mau.  "Pretty Great Taste." Grace said. dedum ching! It was pretty fresh. 

This was a clay pot casserole. Beef tendon and radish. Pretty damn good as well. The type of dish that warms you up and is good for the cold weather. This one also tastes good as leftovers too. In fact I will be finishing this dish up for lunch today after I write this. 

This was seafood chow mein.  I don't think you can really go wrong. It all seemed pretty good. 
And here is something kind of unique about this restaurant. You turn the corner and it's a bakery. You don't even have to go outside. 

Shao follows his nose. 

Of course being the end of the day the variety is less. These are moon cakes and cookies. Dai Dai requested a giant Walnut Cookie.

Shao pointed to the dan Dahts. AKA egg custards. Their kind of like flan, but not overly sweet. 

And here are some western style cakes. 

I was full but we got a little rectangular cake... it being my birthday. But we did the whole candle thing at home. You can check out my other blog for my home birthday post. 

We went over to the park by the gate afterward. It was a little cold for Chinese Chess. But the kids got some of the sugar out. 

Kung Fu-ing each other at the top of this stone structure. Who is the Dominant sibling!

We moved out to wider spaces. Actually looks pretty with the lights at night.

Here is Shao doing Kung Fu. He's a blur with those lightning fast punches. 

Let's go to the magical bamboo forest.

And climb on the rocks. 

We ended with a picture with the Crime Watch crew by the gate. 
And that was our little Chinatown Adventure. 

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