Pot Luck Baos

Grace really wanted me to go to this Three meals and a soup place (san chan yi tang) to get their baos.
So I figured I would do a little restaurant review.
This is the place. It is in the back alley across from Jia Ho Supermarket. I didn't see a street name. But honestly I've been going here and to the Supermarket for so long and today was the first time I even looked for a street name. It's really cheap and even though it is pre-made "fast food" I really like it. They have more home style type of food here.

This is what you will see if you look away from the restaurant. That would be Tufts Dental and I think the bricks are the back of St. James but I might be wrong about that. In any case we are looking out on Kneeland.

Here is the view the other way. You can see the restaurant. And we are staring at a parking garage connected to Arch Stone. It really is a back alley.

Here is the sign that tells you the name of the place, which I actually never noticed until today. 

Here are the selection of pre-made food you can order. And the styrofoam containers are filled with soup. It's like the stuff your mom would make, if your mom was from southern China. 

Here are the baos that Grace so badly wanted me to buy. They thought I was weird for taking pictures and immediately started talking to me in English after I whipped out the camera. I guess by pulling out my camera, I go down one level of Chinese-ness. All of these baos are filled with meat.

And here is what some of them are filled with. Hong.. big bao. North wing .... beef bao.  Heaven... (not translating that character because people might take it the wrong way. It probably means ground up or something. There is no way it is what it says.) not something bao. Life clean Bao (That's probably vegetarian.)  Man Tou. Which means it is a plain bun. But actually means the head of someone from the tribe of Mahn. There's a story behind that that dates back to the three kingdoms. I only mention it because the above character I did not translate probably has some similar background. Jook sings will know what I mean. You can't read a lot the wrong way when you only know how to read SOME words. 

Well, I always enjoy eating the meals here, at Pot Luck Cafe, and I highly recommend it, especially for Tufts Students looking for something cheap and fast. This is the first time we will try the baos. I think I'll video tape the kid tearing into them and we'll get Grace's review as well. But that will be a good snack before we go out for Trick or Treating today. (There's an early trick or treat Parade with the library. Better eat something first or it will be an overdose of sugar.)