I fill out my Clean Up Chinatown survey with a Hing Dai

Name (optional):


"I'm Adam Cheung Kung Fu Dad"

E-mail (Optional)

"just skip this part."

"Well since this is my blog, just contact me that way."

Why are you in Chinatown today?


"Kung Fu Activism."

1. On a scale of 1-10, how dirty is Chinatown?


Not Dirty                                                                                                           Very Dirty

"Chinatown isn't Very dirty okay it is F*cking Dirty I'm sorry"


"No okay honestly I'm in Chinatown all the time so I got used to it. I will put a 5 or 6."

"Yeah it's dirty compared to Newbury Street."

"But you go to some other places in Dorchester and Roxbury it's even worse."

2 Why is Chinatown dirty?

Streets smell ___
Cigarette butt___
Sidewalks are sticky from garbage___
Coffee cups___
Garbage debris___
Using supermarket bags as trash bags___
Trash bags ripped open by rats/seagulls__

Other Reasons___________________________________________________
"I would say all of them except rats and coffee cups."

"I use those little pink bags for trash. What's wrong with that? That's called reusing?"

"Honestly, there's just not enough place to put the garbage. Those trash cans are all full so we need more of those. And the people who own the buildings they need to have somewhere for people to put the trash."

I realize now that another cheaper idea might be to have composting bins put in everywhere. A lot of garbage is kitchen scraps and I saw a guy sweeping up leaves into a trash bag and then what throwing it away? Let's take this opportunity to "educate" people (and by the way some of the educating might be for the more culturally American among us) to make Chinatown a leader in the communities in Boston in terms of being GREEN.  Compost and Gardens. Try out the regular Compost bins, and then put up a could humanure compost toilets for people that are peeing on the sidewalk. Some gardens for the compost to go into, and we may have a cheaper solution that makes Chinatown, BETTER than other communities in terms of Environmental Awareness. If your going to put up signs maybe they can say "Vegetables leaves, paper only. No: Dairy, meat or bones." and they can be on a $25.00 compost bin.

3. Why/what is involved in the problems
Small Businesses__
Chinatown Mah Jong Parlors___ "what do you mean family associations? okay."
Outside of Chinatown Restaurants___ "?"
Lack of Enforcement___
Other People______________________________________________________________

"Okay. All of them. And also none of them. You can't blame tourists for putting trash next to the trash can. It's already full. The restaurants have to put there trash out and then it has to be collected. SO they need to collect it more often. And the residents need to put there trash somewhere. So you need to talk to the owner of the building. And the owner isn't going to do shit, unless there is enforcement. But even if you enforce it, you need to set up somewhere for the trash to go.  So All of them and at the same time none of them."

4. How should we tackle the problems (Be Specific
__More Street barrels   "sure"
__Street cameras to identify the illegal dumpers "uhh this one is a little too loi yun. Only a woman will be ashamed of this. Guys, like that guy we saw 2am coming out in tighty whitey under wear and you can still see the shame of his dick and he is wearing flip flops to come out and throw away a small plastic bag of trash in the street barrel and then pose. He doesn't give a f*ck if you identify him. Sorry."
__More fines for people who put garbage everywhere, especially next to street barrels and for people who spit urinate and litter.
"Okay, you bring all these cases to the city when they appeal and... their not going to be happy because you are wasting everyone's time when they are dealing with some real crimes.

__City government needs to hire code enforcement officers "Waste of time and money but sure."

"What those guys? I saw one of those guys almost run over a Pau Pau and then yell at her and then yell at me if I have a problem just for watching. I just kept walking because I had my son on my shoulders. He was Jook Sing too. Yeah let's spend more tax money on those guys. And while we're at it make sure they are heavily armed so they can enforce the law properly.  But only if you hire me and pay me a lot of money. That will solve all of our problems.....NO!"

___City Government needs to hire more hokies.

"What is that? Prostitutes?"

"No their street sweepers. Kind of sounds like a racial slur to me though."

"Oh like Zhou suk. Yeah sure."

___City government needs to educate people i.e. signs

"Sure. Won't make much difference but sure."


"So here's something we can actually do that is cheap. Community Composting bins and Community Gardens. I know people are scared of the Humanure Compost toilets. But thinking about it. The Poo and pee is already there. It's just somewhere to put it instead of  breathing it in like we do now. And the old people that pee in the bushes. That's not as bad. What's bad is drunks peeing on the sidewalk where it doesn't go anywhere. The Composting toilets will cost something and need to be maintained. But the composting bins will be great. And if they can even cut down on a lot of litter, especially if  they go into non food source gardens (The inks from some newspapers can be bad for you if they aren't soy based. The poo however, is fine after composting for a year or two depending on the population."

So I filled out my survey. Maybe I should put up a blank survey on facebook or on this blog.